Project GO Application



The online application is now available by going to the National Project GO website at

Deadline for applications for overseas language study is January 25, 2018.

Deadline for applications for domestic language study is February 20, 2018.

All applications, both for overseas and domestic study offerings, will be processed through the National Project GO website at and reviewed by a Review Committee at UW-Madison. Please note that a complete application, including all supporting materials, must be submitted by the stated deadlines to be considered. 

Things to know before starting an application:

  1. Create a Login by clicking on the Register link on the common application page at the National Project GO website (
    • Note: If applying to an overseas study program AND a domestic study program, you will need to fill out two separate applications.
    • You can apply up to 4 different language programs for each overseas and domestic study application.
  2. Complete the online application
    • Please refer to the application instructions for the most up to date information by going to the National Project GO website at:
  3. You will need the following items to complete your application for submission:
            - A copy of your most recent transcript which includes your Fall term of study (All applicants may submit official or unofficial transcripts)
            - A letter of recommendation from your ROTC Commanding Officer.
            - An Academic Letter of Recommendation that addresses: a) the relationship between the recommender and applicant and b) the reason the applicant is a good candidate for this scholarship (Project GO at UW-Madison encourages Academic Recommendation Letters be from a language instructor, if possible)
  4. Complete appropriate application for specific language program you are applying for (We encourage students who wish to study overseas to start the application process via the approprioate link below.  For domestic study, we encourage students to apply after receiving and accepting a Project GO scholarship):

Please contact the Project GO at UW-Madison office with any questions.

The application review committee will rank applications based on criteria set by Project GO and UW-Madison.